Umutcan Tütüncü defends his title during an epic final

What a contest! The 18 finalists of the Just Dance World Cup joined up on 21 April at the eSport Arena in Paris for one last night of jumps and twirls. It was an emotional parting performance for the contestants, the jury and of course, the public.

The grand finale of the Just Dance World Cup was hosted by emcees Kimberly Wyatt (dancer, choreographer and former member of the Pussycat Dolls) and choreographer Zack Reece. Both were blown away by the talent and energy of the contestants, for the show, with its perfectly choreographed numbers, was an absolute stunner. Congratulations to all the participants!

At the top of the podium we find Umutcan "UmutcanTutunc" Tütüncü of Turkey, who was crowned the Just Dance World Champion for the second year in a row. After immaculate opening rounds, Tütüncü pulled off a legendary final performance to edge Jordan "Jjtattoo75" Boury by a single vote! Boury, a feisty dancer from France, was coming off a spectacular comeback after having been relegated to the loser bracket. American Joseph "Aazzlano" Cordero took third place, and we mustn’t forget Adithiyan "Arms73" Armstrong, who stirred the crowds with his jaw-dropping moves. Previously unknown to the Just Dance community, the native of India brilliantly knocked out many of the tournament’s biggest names.

Find all the results of the event.

This year’s competition was simply incredible! Auditions were held over the course of several weeks, both online and throughout the world, with massive finals taking place in each individual country. You were among the thousands of participants to share in the “joy of movement” with Just Dance. Stay tuned for the next edition of the contest, which is sure to be even more fabulous than the last!

Until then, keep dancing.

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