The World Finals of the Just Dance World Cup will take place in Paris on April 21st, 2018

After months of intense competition, the finalists of the 17 participating territories of the Just Dance World Cup will battle off in Paris against returning champion Umutcan Tütüncü (from Turkey) for the chance to become the 2018 Just Dance World Cup Champion!

Will Umutcan Tütüncü, 2017 winner of the Just Dance World Cup hold onto his title or will one of our other 17 finalists become the new champion at the Paris Esports Arena on April 21st?

Let us introduce our 17 National 2018 Champions who will attempt to win the World Cup Final:

  • Jordan Boury, for France
  • Alexander “Sanya JDU” Terekhov, for Russia
  • Robert “Robert1204400” Mach, for Poland
  • Ariadna “Anybtr” Ramirez, for Mexico
  • Pedro “Morales360bkn” Morales, for Chile
  • Antonio Pomilia, for Italy
  • Joseph “Aazzlano” Cordero, for the United States
  • Tiago Silva de Oliveira, for Brazil
  • Kevin “Meoworange” Feddersen, for Germany
  • Jassbell Regas Schcolnick, for Spain
  • Denzal "Justdenz95" Van Uitregt, for Australia
  • Gabriel "Gabthenostalgic" Bolduc Brouillette, for Canada
  • “Veanna”, for Sweden
  • Dion "Dion Visser" Hendrikus Johannes Theodorus, for Benelux
  • Carlos "Carlosshadow7" Gomez, for Portugal
  • Adithiyan “Arms73” Armstrong, for India
  • Mitchell d’Abreu, for the United Kingdom

We know the Just Dance community has been excitedly waiting for this competition, and we are thrilled to announce that we will broadcast it live on Ubisoft channels for everyone to follow and cheer.

The Just Dance World Cup will be played in a double elimination bracket where a contestant will be eliminated after two defeats. Up to the Quarter Finals, the results will be based on best game scoring of one round, i.e. the contestant with the best score wins. After that, a jury of professionals will be given the possibility to grant extra points to participants, which will possibly turn a match around.

We will reveal additional information about the tracklist and the whole organization of the Grand Final soon, so stay tune and get ready, Just Dancers!

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