The Just Dance World Cup will end with a huge World Final.

In 2017, the Turkish candidate TechNoth was the Just Dance World Cup winner. And for this new edition, he'll be competing for his title. Who is ready to take up the challenge? 

On February 19, 2017 after an exciting competition in Paris France; TechNoth was announced as the 2017 Just Dance World Cup Champion. This summer he is enjoying his prize spending a week at the studio and having his own dance made for the game. Once he is back in Turkey, his training to keep his Just Dance World Champion title will begin. Currently Just Dancers with eyes on 2018’s cup are practicing their moves in anticipation of their countries Qualifications starting in the next week.

After the Online and Offline Qualifications conclude, only 18 Just Dancers (TechNoth included) will remain to compete for the world title.

The Just Dance World Cup Finals will be supervised by a jury of Just Dance experts, ambassadors alongside figures in the dance field. The competition will have our Just Dancers dance it out in duals to the same song. The aim is to win at least 2 points to get to the next round:

- 1 point for the best score

- 2 points from the jury (2-person jury, 1 point per member of the jury)

This last tournament will be played in bracket mode with 2 barrage matches and one opportunity to save a player in the loser bracket. Needless to say that it's going to be an exciting show!

At the end of the tournament, not only will one Just Dancer have a well-deserved victory and be the king or queen of the Just Dance World Cup, but they will also get a dance created exclusively for them to be included in the game. Just what we need to get the whole world dancing!

Find out more about the Just Dance World Cup in the Tournament Rules .

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