Just Dance World Cup – Final Qualifiers Update 9.27.2017

Just Dance World Cup finalists are making their way!

Just Dance World Cup finalists are making their way! 

Lots of updates as we now move begin moving into official qualifiers for some of our worldwide participants who will be participating in the Just Dance World Cup!

After a few weeks of going head-to-head, Aazzlano pulled out the #1 spot for the USA over Littlesiha.
We will have RyanL181095 representing Canada, JustDenz95 for Australia, Robert120400 for Poland, GamingBT for Nordic and Dion Visser for Benelux.

As for our players in the UK (Chazza, ShaneClough, Astlylia, Puppeeeg39), France (Aerryne, StahL, Of Hugo, Roxsora13Xx), Germany (AkaMisaki, KevinDudas, LemurSchnalle15, Ragnar19), Italy (MoonAngel90, bacchi88, FrancescoDDJ, PSCAPPA), Spain (Robert00Robert, Mereth86, jescarpal, davidHR22399), Russia (manujon27, Sanya JDU, ScaryMita, SiViOMango) and Brazil (Guuh86, StarComMoney) – these contestants will be participating in the National Finals to narrow down who will fill their #1 final qualifier spots to compete for the World Cup!

The Rest of Europe and Rest of the World, CarlosShadow7 and arms73 take the top spot as finalists.

Congratulations to all and this is a very exciting time as we are moving closer to the final list!

Stay tuned, Just Dancers!

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