Another weekend of online qualifications is over, so check out the latest results!

The JDWC qualifications are almost coming to an end and we have an exciting update regarding the current status of the leaderboards!

Last weekend, the top just dancers around the world fought very hard to achieve those highly-wanted first positions.

After 6 tough weeks, Littlesiha (USA) managed to climb up from the #3 position and steal the #1 position from Aazzlano.

In France, StahL has been beaten by a hundred points by Aerryne, who is now on top of the leaderboard.

AkaMisaki from Germany has safely kept his #1 place, while KevinDudas is the new #2 contestant, on top of LemurSchenalle15.

The Spanish leaderboard completely changed the game, with Mereth86 becoming the new top player, followed by jescarpal and MiGuPa.

This week StarComMoney and GuiEnnes from Brazil are respectively the new #2 and #3 top players, while Guuh86 keeps the leaderboard crown.

We have changes in Poland as well, as the brand new player Fineasz.U has just entered the game and conquered the first place to everyone’s surprise. Below him, Robert20400 stays with the #2 place, followed by Majadyduch in the #3 place.

The competition is getting very exciting in the Russian community, as we have 3 new top players: Manujob27, Sanya JDU and ScaryMita.

Celeste91 from Benelux stole the #1 position from Dion Visser, leaving JimmyLeiten behind after that close fight.

In Australia, UK, Italy, Mexico, Nordic, Rest of America, Rest of Europe and Rest of the World, the results for the top 3 contestants haven’t changed since last session. You can check those results from Session 5 right here , in the ranking section.

The big final is just around the corner, coming this Sunday 3rd of September! Are ready to sweat? You better be, Just Dancers!

For those not attending the online qualifications, don’t forget to sign up for the live events here by clicking on the “Login and Register” section.

Good Luck!

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